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Mystic Hosting has 5,000+ HD Choices from more than 30 categories. Sign up today to get full access to Mystic Hosting.

Need multiple MAC devices? Contact us!

(1) Connection for:
Mac address – Mag box, Stb-emu, Smart STB, Formuler, Dreamlink, etc.

Not compatible with:
Android, Amazon, Apple, M3U, Kodi, Computer, Fire TV, Fire Stick, Smart IPTV, etc. Please order here

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Sign up for a Mystic Hosting MAC Subscription and access LIVE in High Definition! Mystic Hosting service includes news, sports, sitcoms, cartoons, movies, pay per view, 24/7 channels and much more.

Order Mystic Hosting service today to get FULL ACCESS to their LIVE Hosting. You can access Mystic Hosting on MAG / MAC based device, Don’t miss out on this great service.

NO Hidden Fees! Order the Service, Enter the Portal & Sign In!


Why order Mystic Hosting Account?

  • Dedicated MAG / MAC Portal
  • High Definition Programming
  • Allowed (1) IP’s / Stream locations
  • Use (1) MAC Address based device
  • Customer service / easy setup guide
  • No contracts or fees! Cancel anytime

Mystic Hosting MAC Subscription provides you with 2,500+ Choices to access on (1) MAG / MAC DEVICE.

Including: Smart STB, MAG, Dreamlink, Formuler, Buzz TV, Mac Address and more..


Subscribe to Mystic Hosting Mac account for a great lineup and hosting experience. The service is easy to install, setup and use on any device. Visit the Mystic Host Setup guide to get the mac portal.

Unlock the world of hosting



How do I Cut the Cord?

  • Streaming: With a Smart TV or Media Player, you can access Mystic Host. Mag Box, Smart STB, Stb-Emu, Formuler, etc.

Why should I Cut the Cord?

  • Lower monthly costs: Sign up for the Mystic Host MAC plan and access LIVE on 1 device as low as $8.33 a month.

Lowest Price Mystic TV!

  • Pricing / Support: We have the BEST price for Mystic Host service. Get Official Mystic Host and Real-Time support!


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Additional information

Terms and Conditions

Ordering Service:
Accounts are activated in 30 minutes, but some can take longer. Please do not request access if it has not been at-least (8) hours. By placing an order from this website, you agree to our terms and conditions.

If you provide a MAC Address during checkout, it will be a MAC Account and stream on (1) device only. (except Vader Streams)

App Content:
The provider reserves the right to control access and the content of the service. They may add or remove content at any time without notice. To maintain a good service, there may be intermittent down time for upgrades or maintenance.

Terms Of Service:
This service can be played on (1) device, from (1) location at a time. This is STRICTLY enforced. If you violate the terms of service, your account may be banned with NO REFUND.

There are NO refunds on streaming services. If you experience issues with the service, please contact us to troubleshoot the service or your device.

To stream a service, you MUST have a supported device and HIGH SPEED INTERNET. The minimum required speed of 20 Mbps is recommended. Your device MUST have enough memory and space to run the application.


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