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Need to contact us? You will always have support at Stream The TV. We can assist with ordering, setup and billing for your streaming services.

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I can’t login to the website?

You don’t have to login to place an order. Select your service, choose new or renewal during checkout and provide a username. If renewing, the credit will be applied to your account.

How do I install the apps?

All of the apps are easy to install on your device, including android, apple and amazon. If you need help, please visit our IPTV setup guides page here, for links and instructions.

Can I use multiple TV’s?

You can download the IPTV apps on as many devices as you want. However, each service will have a max live streams that can be played at the same time. See the product page for details.

Why is my order cancelled?

If you don’t login to the service at least once, within 24 hrs of payment, the order may be cancelled. We process orders quickly and don’t have time to explain spam email.


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