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Beast TV Review

Beast TV - A Reliable IPTV Service | STREAM THE TV

Beast TV Review – Reliable IPTV Service for HD Streaming

Beast TV Review; Beast TV or Beast IPTV is the new kid on the block, in the IPTV streaming world. They are becoming very popular because of the reliable service, android apps, web player and Kodi add-on. Sign up for Beast TV, and get the lowest price subscription.

So why is Beast TV so popular? One big reason is the ability to use the service on 3 different devices at the same time! Some providers will charge extra for additional lines. With Beast, you get 3 for the price of 1. Buy a yearly subscription to Beast TV for only $119 USD and get full access to their live TV.

The live TV channel lineup is impressive with 204 USA channels, as well as international channels from Canada and the United Kingdom. With 341 UK channels, 194 Canadian channels and 175 Latino channels in the lineup, this is where Beast TV really caters to their subscribers.

One of the most popular features is the TV Catch up service that they offer. You can go back 3 days to watch programming that you have missed. Their Video on Demand service has been removed, but they have pay per view movies! However, what’s important and puts them in the top 5 of our list is reliability. This is where Beast stands out from the rest, with reliability and quality of service.

As you can see, Beast TV is not playing around when it comes to content. Fortunately, they take the quality and reliability of the service very serious. They have not been around for very long, but there are some top players running this outfit. Order Beast TV at Stream The TV, you will not be disappointed.


Beast TV Review – SUMMARY

Beast TV is a newer IPTV service that provides plenty of extra features to rise above the competition. Their dedicated apps, channel lineup and knowledge of streaming integration makes them a very user-friendly IPTV provider. There is always more to IPTV than ordering a great service, you need good support from a team that cares about the customer. You will find that at Stream The TV, order your Beast TV subscription today!


Beast TV Review – Packages

Like others, they tried to keep it simple for the customer. There is not a lot of confusing options when it comes to ordering the service. They offer one IPTV package that is available in different subscription lengths. The price becomes cheaper as you subscribe to a longer term.

What really attracts people to this IPTV service is the ability to use Beast TV from 3 different devices, at the same time! There are others that allow multi-usage, typically for an additional charge. But we have only found a few that maintain quality and uninterrupted simultaneous streams.

When you subscribe through a trusted reseller, it ensures that you have the best service and support, should you ever need it. Also, another advantage of using Stream The TV is our different payment options. You can subscribe to the services with Paypal, as a member or via guest checkout. So, if you looking for value, quality and options, we have you covered with Beast TV.

Lowest price for Beast TV:

  • Trial              – 2.99  USD
  • MAC             – 14.99 USD
  • 1 Month       – 14.99 USD
  • 3 Month      – 39.99 USD
  • 6 Month      – 69.99 USD
  • 12 Month    – 119.99 USD

Regardless of the subscription that you choose, you get full access to Beast’s dedicated apps, online streaming platform that can be used with any browser, Kodi add-on, as well as M3U links. No matter how you choose to watch Beast TV, you will be very pleased with the great value and easy viewing options.

Beast TV Review – Streaming Content

Content is very important with Beast TV! This service has all their bases covered with the impressive channel line-up, a solid program guide, video on demand and TV Catch up section that is definitely turning some heads.

Alright, let’s get an overview of the included content.

  • Live TV: While Beast TV does not have the highest number of channels, they certainly cover everything that most users are interested in. Of course, you get the English entertainment, news, cartoons, movies and adult channels. They also have an impressive Sports line-up, including NFL. NHL, MLB and more. And, as we mentioned, the International coverage is very extensive with over 700 channels for Canada, Latino and the United Kingdom.

Beast TV Review – Quality & Reliability

With an impressive lineup of Live TV and PPV content, keeping the service running smoothly is likely a complex task. However, we found during our 30 Day test that Beast TV performed extremely well, even during heavy usage.

Changing channels was close to what you would get with cable. The streams came alive and played with great quality. We rarely had any lag or buffering problems during the testing. A channel did go down from time to time, but this is to be expected with IPTV services. With so many channels to choose from, you always have plenty of options.

Beast TV - Reliable IPTV Service | STREAM THE TV
Beast TV Review – Live TV


Beast TV - Reliable IPTV Service | STREAM THE TV
Beast TV Review – TV Guide, EPG


Beast TV - Reliable IPTV Service | STREAM THE TV
Beast TV Review – TV Guide, EPG #2


In closing, from a streaming point of view, there aren’t many providers that offer all of the content that Beast TV provides. Their streaming platforms are great, the quality of the streams are very good, there are over 3,000 channels and movies. This service will definitely meet your expectations and provide you with many hours of entertainment. We hope that our Beast TV Review has provided you more information about the IPTV provider.

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