Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policy

Our affiliates provide the end user with access to the services described in their subscription plans. At certain times they may find it necessary to limit your device bandwidth consumption. If you believe that your bandwidth consumption will exceed standard usage for the service or subscription plan, please contact us to discuss additional options that may be available.

Abuse Definitions:

Abuse of Resources

  1. Resource Abuse by any end user, intentional or otherwise, that consumes sufficient system resources that could negatively affect other clients or equipment.

Unsolicited Communication

  1. Email based communications that are sent without the consent of the recipient.
  2. Permitting or initiating unsolicited emails, intentional or otherwise, is grounds for immediate termination of the service, and may include a ban from any future service.

Malicious Content

  1. A script, code, or other file that has potential to perform harm. 
  2. Any content that violates United States, Canadian, and/or Luxembourg laws.
  3. Permitting or hosting malicious content is grounds for immediate termination of the service, and a permanent ban from any future service.

Corrective Action:

Intentional / Malicious Abuse

  1. All services on the end users account will be terminated, a refund will not be issued for this cause.
  2. The end user will be permanently banned from accessing any further service from the affiliate / provider.
  3. In certain cases, the end user may have the option to pay a fine for the misuse, to have the service restored.